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There are numerous ways that individuals, community organizations, and businesses can get involved in Humboldt County energy initiatives.

The choice is yours.

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The most effective things individuals can do to lessen their environmental footprint:

  1. Walk or bike. Fossil-fuel-burning vehicles are the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in Humboldt County. Bonus: moving your limbs will help you be happier and healthier, and more motivated to lessen your footprint in other ways.
  2. Use public transportation or carpool. Bonus: you’ll have time to chat with friends or decide you need new friends and then make new friends- it’s a great way to quickly improve your social life.
  3. Buy an electric vehicle. There are several new and used models out there with all-electric or hybrid motors to suit multiple traveling needs. Bonus: people will wonder what’s under your hood, in a good way.
  4. Buy energy-efficient products, such as LED lights and energy-saving appliances. Bonus: Many energy-saving products also come with features that their previous counterparts don’t have, such as choice of light color and brightness, custom temperature settings for different food compartments in your fridge, and timers so that you aren’t heating your spaces when you aren’t using them.
  5. Switch to heat pump technology when replacing your furnace or hot water heater. Electric heat pumps are up 400% more efficient than gas heating. Bonus: Some don’t require ducting which is great news for old houses.
  6. Opt-up to 100% renewable energy through RCEA’s RePower+ electricity program. Bonus: support new renewable energy projects in Humboldt County!
  7. Install solar at your home or business. Power from the sun is literally delivered to the earth, every day, at no cost! It just takes some investment to capture it and use it to deliver Netflix to your living room. Bonus: Reducing electricity demand from the grid helps everyone.
  8. Non-energy related bonus tip: Support and volunteer one of the many great environmental non-profits in Humboldt County.
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