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The Redwood Coast Energy Authority leads and collaborates on many projects that require third-party service providers to participate in a process of public bidding or to provide project expertise or assistance. Trainings, workshops, rebates, and promotional materials help contractors sell projects. We completed over 45 contractor-led energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in 2019-20. New opportunities to work with RCEA will soon be available.

Current and recent solicitations are listed below. The full Requests and any supporting documents can be viewed and/or downloaded below as a Portable Document Format (PDF), which includes instructions on how to submit a response and any associated deadline.

Contractors and Vendors – get signed up and open doors to new opportunities.

Visit our RCEA Contractor and Vendor Network page for details.

GoGreen Financing Workshop for Contractors,  April 18, 2023

Provide competitive financing to your customers to win more bids and deepen project scopes.

Get your business Certified through the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse– Go to our Supplier Diversity page to learn more. 

If you’ve ever wanted some extra guidance on how to navigate government contracting–including bidding on opportunities from RCEA–there’s help for you. The Norcal Apex Accelerator (formerly Norcal PTAC) is a government-funded nonprofit formed to help small businesses find, bid, win, and perform on contracts with federal, state, local, and tribal agencies. Norcal Apex Accelerator offers free client services including one-on-one counseling, custom bid matching and networking opportunities. They are headquartered on the Cal Poly Humboldt campus and serve Humboldt County as well as 14 surrounding counties in Northern California. Sign up at


Below are requests for qualifications, proposals, and information from appropriate parties in the community by various departments at RCEA

Energy Improvement Projects

Requests for Proposals & Qualifications

Power Procurement

RCEA seeks offers for new or incremental capacity that can deliver resource adequacy (RA) to further its contributions to grid reliability in California, and to fulfill its procurement obligations pursuant to the CPUC’s Mid-Term Reliability Decisions and RCEA’s Board-adopted goals. Specifically, offers of storage, generation or generation paired with storage that can be online by June 2027 may be eligible for consideration under this RFO. First review of offers will be August 21st and subsequent submittals will be reviewed on a rolling basis at the discretion of RCEA staff until RCEA has contracted it’s MTR capacity need or August 1, 2025, whichever comes first.


August 7, 2023 – Issuance of RFO

August 21, 2023 – First Review Date (subsequent reviews on rolling basis)

October 2, 2023 – First shortlist status notification

August 1, 2025 – Final Closure Date


RCEA 2023 RFO 2 Protocol

Appendix A: SOQ Form

Appendix B: Project Details Form

Appendix C: Offer Form

Appendix D: Proforma PPA 2023

Appendix E: Exclusivity Agreement

RCEA 2023 MTR RFO Addendum1 Q&A

RCEA 2023 RFO Addendum 2 Schedule Update

New community-scale renewable energy generation projects in RCEA’s service territory that are up to 1 megawatt in capacity.

Please visit our Feed-In Tariff page.

Ongoing Opportunities

Advanced Transportation

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is inviting sealed bids for the construction of EV charging stations at nine sites, as detailed in the IFB-24-501 and Attachment 1.1

Plan Drawing and Technical Specifications linked below.

RCEA will host a mandatory pre-bid meeting that will be held at RCEA’s offices at 633 3rd Street, Eureka, CA, on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 8:00-9:00 a.m. to acquaint all prospective bidders with the Contract Documents and the Project sites. Failure to attend this pre-bid meeting will result in the disqualification of the bid of the non-attending bidder.

Each Bid submission must be contained in a sealed envelope addressed as set forth in said Bid Documents and delivered to the Redwood Coast Energy Authority offices located at 633 3rd Street, Eureka, California on or before 1:00 P.M., Pacific Standard Time, April 17, 2024. All Bids will be publicly opened, and summary amounts read aloud.




Planning and Administration

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is soliciting proposals from qualified architectural and engineering firms interested in providing architectural, engineering and construction support services for the RCEA Office Building Project. A complete scope of the services to be performed by the successful proposer are described in the RFQ/RFP-24-301 linked below.

Responses will be accepted until 1 p.m. PDT on April 3, 2024.



Humboldt County electricians can get reimbursed for their EVITP certification.

Redwood Coast Energy Authority is offering scholarships for up to ten C-10 electricians to become certified to install EV charging stations.
If you are a state licensed or certified electrician, you may be interested in getting EVITP certified to bid on:

  • RCEA’s upcoming North Coast Phase 2 EVSE EV charging station projects
  • Public works projects across the state of California
  • EV charging stations at homes and businesses

Interested C-10 electricians can sign-up for the EVITP certification training and exam on-line, which takes approximately 20 hours to complete (plus the exam time). Once completed, up to 10 electricians can apply for a scholarship by:

Funding for the North Coast Phase 2 EVSE EV charging stations is provided by RCEA and a Headwaters Fund Mini Grant.

For more information on EVITP training:
At RCEA contact Marianne Bithell (707) 382-2014.

Flyer describing how to apply for a EVIPT scholarship. Shows a hand holding an electric bolt, with an RCEA charging station on the side

RCEA is issuing a request for qualifications to solicit statements of qualifications from entities that are registered with the California Public Utilities Commission as Demand Response Providers/Aggregators.


RCEA is seeking offers for new or incremental, zero-emission resources that can deliver resource adequacy (RA) to further its contributions to the reliability of the California power grid, and to fulfill its procurement obligations pursuant to the CPUC’s Mid-Term Reliability Decision. Specifically, offers of zero-emission generation or generation plus storage that meet the MTR Decision criteria for replacement of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant are eligible for consideration under this RFO.


  • February 13, 2023 – RFO issuance
  • February 22, 2023 – Questions due
  • March 10, 2023 – Offers due
  • By April 28, 2023 – Shortlist approval
  • May 2023 through Q3 – Negotiation and approval of contracts

RFO Documents


Rio Dell Emergency Services Project RFQ/RFP

Bid Opening for Rio Dell Emergency Services Project

Mattole USD Solar PV project (PDF)

JOB WALK CANCELLED: Postponed until further notice. No mandatory attendance required.



11:00 a.m., May 27, 2021

Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is soliciting bids from interested contractors for the Arcata Community Center Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installation (Project). The goal of the project is to install either two (base bid) or four (base plus additive bid) electric vehicle charging stations at the Arcata Community Center. The price shall be full compensation for all preparation, erection, and installation of the materials provided by RCEA, and for all labor, equipment, tools, and incidentals necessary to complete the project. Estimated project value is $25,000.00. RCEA has already received approval for all required permits and will provide the new charging station hardware to be installed. All work must be completed by July 13, 2021.

For complete details please see the INVITATION FOR BIDS.

Power Procurement:

RCEA is seeking offers for new or incremental, zero-emission resources that can deliver resource adequacy (RA) to further its contributions to the reliability of the California power grid, and to fulfill its procurement obligations pursuant to the CPUC’s Mid-Term Reliability Decision. Specifically, offers of zero-emission generation or generation plus storage that meet the MTR Decision criteria for replacement of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant are eligible for consideration under this RFO.



  • August 26, 2022 – RFO issuance
  • September 2, 2022 – Questions due
  • September 16, 2022 – Responses due
  • By October 31, 2022 – Shortlist approval
  • November 2022 through Q1 2023 – Negotiation and approval of contracts

RFO Documents

Through this combined RFQ-RFO, RCEA is seeking proposals that can either 1) satisfy RCEA’s compliance obligation for incremental capacity procurement pursuant to the CPUC Decision 21-06-035 Requiring Procurement to Address Mid-Term Reliability for 2023-2026, or 2) identify project partners to lead the development of long-term reliability resources within RCEA’s service area.


September 29, 2021 – Issuance of RFQ-RFO

October 13, 2021 at 10:30am – Respondents’ Webinar

October 15, 2021 – Final solicitation questions are due

November 1, 2021 – Responses due

January 2022 – Approval of shortlist

February to April 2022 – Negotiation and approval of contracts


RFQ-RFO AddendaIssued 10-20-2021

RCEA 2021 RFO/RFQ Protocol Updated 10-20-2021

Appendix A RFO Offer Form

Appendix B Bundled Products Term Sheet

Appendix C Resource Adequacy Term SheetUpdated 10-20-2021

Appendix D Statement of Qualifications Form

Appendix E Cooperation Agreement

Appendix F Exclusivity Agreement

Notice of Proposed Shortlist

RCEA and seven other CCAs are seeking to acquire up to 500 MWs of capacity, energy, any associated ancillary products, and resource adequacy (“Full Toll”) or simply Resource Adequacy (“RA Only”) from long-duration energy storage projects. Responses are due December 1, 2020 at 5:00 PST.

Download the Request for Offers Protocol and Appendix A Offer Form from the Silicon Valley Clean Energy Long Duration Storage RFO website to submit an offer.

Here is a fact sheet if you would like more information.

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) launched its Community Choice Energy program for Humboldt County, California in May of 2017 with the following core goal:

Maximize the use of local renewable energy while providing competitive rates to customers.

The Community Choice Energy program has now been serving some 60,000 customers for over two and a half years, with approximately 700,000 MWh of annual load and over $2 million in bill savings relative to the investor-owned utility generation rates customers would otherwise pay.

Additionally, the electricity revenue from this program is redirected into community-driven energy choices, including procuring local biomass electricity, development of an offshore wind energy industry in California with Humboldt Bay as a leading hub, and RCEA’s first solar-with-storage generation asset, planned for the California Redwood Coast – Humboldt County Airport.

To further maximize the use of our local renewable energy resources, RCEA has launched a Request for Proposals (RFP) with the goal of entering into long-term Power Purchase Agreement(s) (PPA) with one or more renewable energy facilities located in or to be located in Humboldt and surrounding northern California counties, including Del Norte, Siskiyou, Modoc, Trinity, Shasta, Tehama, Glenn, Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma.


Request for Proposal Documents

In addition to this solicitation, RCEA will be issuing a Feed-In Tariff this May for new projects one MW and under to be built in our service area. Please consider this alternative opportunity to provide power to RCEA’s portfolio.


RCEA’s 2019 Renewable Energy Request for Proposals Conference – For RFP-19-401

February 25, 2019

RFP Results

We received proposals from thirteen companies and, after a careful review process by a team of RCEA staff and outside energy experts, have identified three companies that will be presented to the Board for consideration at its June meeting.

The PPAs currently being considered are:

  • A fifteen-year contract for 80 MW of capacity from Terra-Gen LLC’s planned Humboldt Wind energy project on Monument and Bear River Ridges near Scotia.
  • A twelve-year contract for 50 MW of capacity from Candela Renewables LLC’s planned 200 MW solar project located in western Fresno County.
  • A fifteen-year contract for the full 5.5 MW capacity of Snow Mountain Hydro LLC’s existing Cove hydropower project in Shasta County.

For more details visit our Power Procurement page.

RCEA is currently conducting a Request for Proposals for Behind-the-Meter Distributed Resource Adequacy (DER RFP) that is open to vendors who previously qualified under RCEA’s Request for Qualifications. To be eligible for the DER RFP, vendors had to respond to the open RFQ by March 13, 2020 and be approved by a review team of RCEA staff.

The DER RFP aims to develop 5 megawatts of energy storage and distributed resource capacity behind customer meters at preferred sites in Humboldt County, including public agencies and schools, low-income homes and businesses, and other sites within high fire threat areas. The main objectives of the program are 1) resource adequacy value, 2) critical energy resiliency during grid outages, 3) customer utility cost savings, and 4) grid decarbonization.

Materials related to the DER RFP will be emailed directly to RCEA’s approved vendor list.

Prop 39:

Planning and Administration:

(Closed) The Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is soliciting proposals for financial audit services and will receive them until 5pm PST on April 24, 2019. The general scope of services includes audit of RCEA’s annual financial statements. A complete scope of the services to be performed by the successful proposer are described in the attached Request for Proposal for Professional Auditing Services.

Any questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Lori Biondini, Director of Business Planning and Finance, RCEA, 633 Third Street, Eureka, CA, 95501; 707-269-1700 x316;

RCEA is a local government joint powers agency located in Eureka, CA. RCEA’s revenue consists of grants, contracts, and retail electricity sales.

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