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Kate Martin sitting in the Logger Bar that she owns.
Kate Martin at the Logger Bar in Blue Lake immediately opted up to 100% renewable energy when our CCE program launched.

PG&E collects payment for RCEA electric service

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Commercial Customers

Our cleaner energy is helping you meet your business sustainability goals, and our prices help your bottom line.

If your business is in Humboldt County, your electricity generation service was automatically transitioned to RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program in May 2017.

PG&E continues to maintain the poles and lines, remedies power outages, and sends you a single consolidated bill. So the only difference you’ll notice might be a slight decrease in your electricity bill. RCEA’s charge IS NOT an extra charge on your bill, it simply replaces PG&E’s charge for electricity generation.

You have the power to choose with RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program. Visit our Service Options page to change your enrollment status. The choice is yours. There’s no processing fee to opt up or to opt out.

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Graphic explaining how Community Choice Energy works

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