Feed-In Tariff

RCEA is fostering local renewable energy projects through a Feed-In Tariff Program.

The Feed-In Tariff Program offers a price for community scale renewable energy projects that you can take to the bank!


How does it work?

RCEA is offering standardized 20-year fixed price contracts for new renewable energy projects under one MW in Humboldt County.

Current Available Programmatic Capacity: 4.5 MW

Current Price: $82/MWh

Effective for the duration of the current program phase.

Market Adjusting Pricing

The base price for the FIT is subject to periodic adjustments based on the local market. In each two-month period, (not including the first period, which will be three-months), 2 MWs of capacity will be available for contract.

  • At the end of each period, if 0-25% of the available capacity is claimed the base price in the next period will increase by $0.002/kilowatt-hour (kWh) [$2.00/MWh].
  • If 25%-75% of the period capacity is claimed, the base price in the next period will stay the same.
  • If 75%-100% of the capacity is brought under contract, the base price for the next period will decrease by $0.002/kilowatt-hour (kWh) [$2.00/MWh].

Once a contract is established, that project will receive a fixed price for the 20-year life of the contract.

The base price for each new period will be available on this page by the first day of each period. 

Bonus Incentives

The RCEA Feed-In Tariff offers bonus incentives for the first five years of certain projects.

Feed-In Tariff Documents

Feed-In Tariff (PDF)

Feed-In Tariff Application (PDF)

Please note the permit requirement in the application has been removed.

Feed-In Tariff Power Purchase Agreement (DOCX)

Generation Forecast Template (XLSX)

EnviroStor Site List (PDF)


For questions please email feedintariff@redwoodenergy.org or call 707-269-1700.

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