Public Charging Stations

If you have issues with a ChargePoint station, please call their 24/7 driver hotline at 1-888-758-4389

For other concerns, RCEA is open from 9am to 5pm M-F to answer your questions at 707-269-1700

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Public Charging Stations

PlugShare is a map that features all operational charging stations in Humboldt County, California, the nation, and across the world. Explore using the interactive map below and/or download the PlugShare app.

Charging Levels

  • Charging levels refer to the amount of electricity a charging station provides.
  • Currently, RCEA manages Level 2 public charging stations.
  • Level 3 or DC Fast Chargers are currently available in Arcata, Eureka, Loleta, Willow Creek, and Klamath.

RCEA’s Charging Stations

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority is proud to operate many of the charging stations in Humboldt County, which are included in the PlugShare map:

  • 52 ports
  • 27 stations
  • 13 locations

All RCEA stations are on the ChargePoint network. To charge, download the ChargePoint app or contact ChargePoint for an RFID card.

map showing level 2 charging stations in Humboldt with inset listing the addresses

Fast Charging Stations

More fast-charging stations are on the way! The State of California is investing heavily in the expansion of fast-charge infrastructure for electric vehicles. If you own an EV with a range of 150 miles or more, you can now complete a trip from Humboldt County to Sacramento, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Please note that RCEA is not responsible for the installation of these charging stations, but serves as a liaison between developers and the general public. Visit PlugShare to find out which stations are fully operational.

map of fast charge stations in northern California

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be downloaded to your smartphone and are often the easiest way to pay for charging sessions.

The Chargepoint app will only show Chargepoint stations.

Apps include key features like

  • Find available stations – see which stations are available to charge in real time
  • Flexible payment methods – Just hold your phone up to by the card reader on the station to pay
  • Get notified – Receive notifications when your car is done charging, or when a station opens up


To pay at a Charge Point charging station you can: Tap your Charge Point Membership Card, or Pay with Credit Card by calling 1-888-758-4389; or use the Charge Point Mobil App.

Chargepoint  Support 1-888-758-4389

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