The Community Choice Energy program is being designed to cost a little less than what you currently pay. And all of PG&E’s current rate discount options (such as CARE,  FERA, and Medical Baseline) will remain in place for income qualifying households. If you’re a solar customer, we’ll buy back your excess energy at a better rate.



With Community Choice Energy, the local community has a say in where our electricity comes from. Our base product will be somewhat higher in renewables than PG&E’s. And if you want to go all-in, our upgrade product will be 100% renewable.



Community Choice Energy has proven to be the fastest and most effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from household and business energy use. California is taking bold steps towards addressing climate change, and CCE will be one of Humboldt County’s most powerful tools in that effort.



Revenues from CCE programs are reinvested into the local communities that participate, rather than going to utility company shareholders. That means lower rates, local jobs, and local projects and programs. Communities in Marin, Sonoma, Lancaster, San Francisco and San Mateo are already using Community Energy revenues to build local solar arrays, creating jobs and keeping their energy dollars local.

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