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Financial Transaction Report

As a public agency, RCEA provides its financial transaction report to the State Controller each year.

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority is a local government Joint Powers Agency whose members include the Blue Lake Rancheria; the Yurok Tribe; the County of Humboldt; the Cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, and Trinidad; the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.


If you live in one of these cities or in unincorporated Humboldt County, you can be part of Community Choice Energy.


The purpose of RCEA is to develop and implement sustainable energy initiatives that reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency, and advance the use of clean, efficient and renewable resources available in the region for the benefit of the Member agencies and their constituents. To further that purpose, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority works toward the following goals:

  • To lead, coordinate and integrate regional efforts that advance secure, sustainable, clean and affordable energy resources
  • To develop a long-term sustainable energy strategy and implementation plan
  • To increase awareness of, and enhance access to, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy opportunities available to the region
  • To add value to, but not duplicate, energy services offered by utilities and others serving the region
  • To keep key decision makers and stakeholders informed of policy, regulatory, and market changes that are likely to impact the region
  • To support research, development, demonstration, innovation, and commercialization of sustainable energy technologies by public and private entities operating in Humboldt County
  • To develop regional capabilities to respond to energy emergencies and short-term disruptions in energy supply, infrastructure, or markets that could adversely affect Humboldt residents and businesses

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Arcata city seal


Represented by Director Sarah Schaefer, Vice-Chair

blue lake seal

Blue Lake

Represented by Director Elise Scafani

County Logo_500

County of Humboldt

Represented by Director Natalie Arroyo



Represented by Director Scott Bauer

City of Fortuna Logo


Represented by Director Skip Jorgensen

Fortuna City Logo


Represented by Director Kris Mobley

HBMWD logo official jf

Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District

Represented by Director Sheri Woo, Chair

Rio Dell oval-2-01

Rio Dell

Represented by Director Frank Wilson

trinidad transparent logo


Represented by Director Jack Tuttle 

Yurok Tribe logo

Yurok Tribe

Represented by Director Frankie Myers

Screenshot 2023-06-16 120200

Blue Lake Rancheria

Represented by Director Jason Ramos

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