Humboldt’s Electric Future

Humboldt’s Electric Future

RCEA is striving to provide 100% clean and renewable power by 2025, and get as much of that power as possible from local sources by 2030. We sought and received valuable community input on how to get there. 

In addition to planning to meet RCEA’s own clean energy goals, we are required by the California Public Utilities Commission to produce an integrated resource plan that looks ten years into the future. This plan is updated every two years, with RCEA setting power procurement goals that do our part to ensure the statewide grid is reliable and that Californians are ensured clean and affordable electricity.

During 2023 we engaged the community in a process we call Humboldt’s Electric Future. Here is the final report explaining how we get our electricity today, what goals our Board of Directors has set, and what we need to do to comply with state regulations on power procurement. Within this framework, community members had their voices heard on important decisions such as:

  • Which clean and renewable resources should we maximize in our power portfolio?
  • How important is it that our clean and renewable energy come from local sources?
  • How should we balance the community’s priorities, such as clean energy, local economic development, and low utility rates?

Our community engagement collected input on these and other questions. We brought your input back to our community advisory committee and our board of directors, and to the extent feasible will incorporate it in our next integrated resource plan update.

Our first community event for Humboldt’s Electric Future was Monday, June 5, 2023 at the Jefferson Community Center, 1000 B St. in Eureka. The evening included dinner, presentations, and group activities.

An online workshop was held via zoom on Thursday afternoon, June 8.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Your time and thoughtful contribution were of great value to us.

You can continue to provide feedback and additional comments by emailing

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