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RCEA and PG&E work together to bring you Community Choice Energy. Even our bills are combined—you only get one bill (from PG&E), which itemizes the various charges associated with our energy services.

RCEA’s “generation” charges are separate from PG&E’s “delivery” charges. They are not duplicate charges. RCEA provides the electricity and PG&E delivers it. RCEA does not provide gas.

graphic showing that shows the difference between PG&E delivery charges and RCEA generation changes and gas charges

Below is a Time-of-Use sample bill, which most Community Choice Energy customers now receive. Scroll to the bottom to see how your savings are calculated. The important step to remember is to add the generation credit (that PG&E would have charged you, but they don’t now that you are with RCEA) to the equation.

Examples of bills with different rate schedules:

We understand that even a small change can be confusing. Please call or stop by if you have any questions. We’d be happy to walk you through your bill so you understand the benefits and your choices.

Rates for the Community Choice Energy program are set by the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings that are open to the public.

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