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Welcome to the ZEV Ambassador Program, brought to you by the RCEA Advanced Fuels and Transportation Program!

The ZEV Ambassador Program is a subset of the RCEA ZEV Enthusiast Group which launched in Spring 2018.

The purpose of the ZEV Enthusiast Group is to serve as a public engagement group that fosters community awareness and adoption of ZEVs and EV infrastructure. This group is open to community members that drive plug-in electric vehicles, those who don’t drive an EV but are interested in promoting local low-carbon transportation options, and those who want to improve ZEV services that RCEA provides to the community.

The ZEV Ambassador Program is optional for members of the ZEV Enthusiast Group. Not all Enthusiasts need to participate in RCEA community events as Ambassadors, but are encouraged to do so.

By volunteering as a ZEV Ambassador, you play an essential role in helping your community reduce fossil fuel consumption, increase energy efficiency, and advance the use of zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) in the region.

As a ZEV Ambassador, you will help meet the State’s goals to increase ZEV awareness, access, and adoption in Humboldt County.


As a representative of RCEA, we expect Ambassadors to be able to communicate basic information about our ZEV programs and resources.
The EV Ownership 101 presentation is a good starting point.
Various hand-outs will be provided at RCEA outreach events, and we encourage reading through the key hand-outs linked below, so you are able to connect the public with the most appropriate information.

Jim Vandegriff and Tim Lauck, members of RCEA’s ZEV Enthusiast Group, talked with folks who attended Eureka Natural Foods’ Earth Day celebration about electric vehicles and electric bikes. April 27, 2019.

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