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A flyer for the 2019 Electric Vehicle Parade


The inaugural Electric Vehicle Parade & Expo on November 30

“Holidays in Space,” hosted by the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority, and the City of Blue Lake, is an opportunity for the whole family to celebrate a new Thanksgiving holiday tradition that merges advanced transportation with a creative twist.

The Electric Vehicle Expo at the Blue Lake Hotel and Casino’s Sapphire Palace kicks off at 1 pm, featuring electric vehicles, Humboldt Transit Authority’s electric bus, guidance about incentives, giveaways, a raffle for a Rad Electric Power bike to benefit the Annie and Mary Trail, spin-the-wheel for prizes, and many more activities for the whole family. Interested in setting up your own table? Call Nancy at 707-269-1700 ext 352.

At 5:30 pm, the lighted Electric Vehicle Parade gets underway through the Blue Lake Rancheria and downtown Blue Lake with the “Holidays in Space” theme. Decorate your electric cars, homemade contraptions, retrofits, e-bikes, golf carts, motorcycles, and more are welcome (but sorry, no gas. Plug-in hybrids in electric-only mode). Lights, music, and any other electric vehicle decorations are limited only by your imagination, but must be electric or people-powered, no emissions!

SCRAP Humboldt will help decorate but you’ll want to plan ahead and bring your own materials, lights, an inverter to provide the power, and whatever else you’ll need. There will be a very limited supply of materials on hand.


Prizes will be awarded by these celebrity judges:
  • Blue Lake Rancheria Councilman Jason Ramos
  • Humboldt County Supervisor Mike Wilson
  • Rutabaga Queen Betty Crafter.

Contest categories are:

  • “Out of this World” (Best in Show)
  • “Spaciest” (Most Thematic)
  • “Intrepid Explorer” (non-car category).

The Award Ceremony and Holiday Tree Lighting takes place at 7 pm.

REGISTER your EV in the parade

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Stephen Kullmann, Blue Lake Rancheria –

Nancy Stephenson, Redwood Coast Energy Authority –

EcoNews Report radio interview with Stephen Kullman and Nancy Stephenson, Nov. 23

Let us know if you would like a table at the Expo, we have room for folks who want to connect with our community on related energy subjects.

You can learn more about past events on our events page

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