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Interested in Owning an Electric Vehicle?

RCEA has lots of resources for current and potential EV drivers. If you have more questions or would like additional information, please call our office at 707-269-1700 and our Transportation Specialist would be happy to speak with you.

Model Year 2018 Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles

There are many models of low-carbon vehicles out there. This list created by the United States Department of Energy provides a brief snapshot of all the 2019 vehicle models (PDF), including their range and fuel economy. See pages 3-4 for a list of all the new battery electric vehicles, and pages 13-17 for a list of the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles you can consider for lease or purchase.


Financial Incentives and Assistance

Charging Options

Rate Schedules

If you are an EV driver and want to recharge at home, there are several rate plan options available to you. Click here for the CCA EV Rate Schedules  to discover your options. PG&E offers an explanation of the different residential EV rates here. At this time, EV specific rates are not offered to commercial customers, but there are a variety of time- of use rates that may help businesses save money for charging their EV fleets.

Some common residential EV rate schedules include:

  • E6 – Older Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate
  • ETOU-A – time-of-use plan with peak hours 3pm-8pm (available for all customers)
  • ETOU-B – time-of-use plan with peak hours 4pm-9pm (available for all customers)
  • EV-A – EV charging bundled with the same meter used for your home (exclusive to EV drivers)

Find out which rate is best for you

Whether you will save money by switching to a different rate schedule varies greatly between customers and is dependent on your current electricity usage and how you drive your electric vehicle. You can request a rate analysis from PG&E by calling 1-800-743-0335.

Regardless of your rate schedule, you can save money on your electricity bill by switching over to our CCE program.  Click to look at our residential rate sheet (PDF) and our rate sheet for commercial customers (PDF).

Electric Vehicle Buying Presentation   June 13, 2019

Aisha Cissna, RCEA Transportation Specialist at the new Eureka Chamber of Commerce

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