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RCEA’s Public Rebate for Electric Vehicles

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority launched a public rebate for electric vehicles on, (weekday, date, time). The rebate, funded by RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program, aims to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles in Humboldt county. The rebate program, which is the first of its kind in the county, will run until the funding has run out.

$50,000 in funding is initially available for the program.

The program will incentivize community members to purchase EVs by adding an additional rebate to the state CVRP as a limited time offer. Each customer will be eligible for a rebate totaling 50% of whatever incentive amount they received from the CVRP. Applicants can only apply for our rebate if you have already been approved by the CVRP. 

RCEA encourages customers to buy through local car dealerships. 

The terms and conditions and other key information about this rebate can be found below.

Terms and Conditions

The application can be downloaded above. Please see the terms and conditions for more information about the rebate.


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What is an EV?

Electric vehicles are vehicles that are powered all or in part by electricity. For more details on the different types of electric vehicles, questions about battery maintenance, and other incentives that are available, please check out our EV FAQ page.

Why Consider an EV?

Electric vehicles are becoming more accessible. California is set to phase out the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035 in an effort to put more electric vehicles on the road. Check out our pages on Owning An EV and EV FAQs to learn more about benefits of electric vehicles.

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