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The Redwood Coast Energy Authority offers energy efficiency services for residential and non – residential facilities. Whether you lease or own, there are options to help reduce your energy consumption and costs. Submit an application today to schedule a no- cost, no -obligation appointment for energy assessment. You may be eligible for a variety of no – cost and reduced -cost upgrades, such as LED Lighting.

Commercial Services 

Increase your bottom line by taking advantage of our energy services for your business or organization. No-obligation assessments, detailed reports, project management, and assistance with 0%-interest project financing on your utility bill are just some of the services we offer. Our energy assessments are provided at no-cost, and the final report includes available rebates and financing options for your specific project.

NON-RESIDENTIAL Application – No-Cost Energy Efficiency Assessment


Commercial LED Lighting Incentives

Outside Contractor Option

Participate as an outside contractor by scheduling a No-cost Assessment for your client before any work begins.

Participating Contractor Options 

Participating Contractors receive weekly bid announcements for LED lighting projects. Call today learn how to become a participating contractor.

Product restrictions and customer eligibility requirements apply. This program is funded by California ratepayers and administered by PG&E under auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

Call for more details. Call today 707-269-1700

Residential Services 

Free Energy Advisor Consultation 

Looking for ways to bring down your energy bill?  Interested in learning about what energy efficiency services are available in our community?  Need advice for your next energy efficiency project or appliance upgrade?  Give us a call and speak to an Energy Advisor.  There is no charge, you just need to be an RCEA customer or PG&E customer.  Call 707.269.1700 today!

Free Energy Efficiency Kit

Redwood Coast Energy Authority is offering a free Efficiency Kit for your home valued up to $75.  Your Energy Advisor will customize a kit for your home.  Kits may include products such as LED light bulbs, smartstrips, showerheads, weather stripping, and more.  Kits are available to RCEA customers and PG&E customers that have not received products from RCEA in the last 3 years.  Fill out the application at the link below.

Residential services application

Whole – House Efficiency Projects 

The Home Upgrade Program offers up to $5500 in rebates for homeowners completing several major efficiency upgrades within the same project.  RCEA offers assessment services to get you qualified.  Learn more about Home Upgrade rebates and associated RCEA services here.

Upcoming Events

Homeowner Workshop

Stay tuned for the announcement of our next series of revamped homeowners workshops!


Schools may take advantage of our energy services as well.  Proposition 39 allocates revenue to local education agencies to support energy efficiency and clean energy generation projects, along with related improvements and repairs that contribute to reduced operating costs and improved health and safety conditions in public schools. Learn more about how we are helping schools to access this state funding.


The Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program was developed by the state to help California reach its aggressive clean energy goals and reduce climate pollution. The program allows lenders to offer attractive financing, so homeowners can improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes.

GoGreen Financing can help with special lending solutions to upgrade your California home with the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program and  CHEEF financing.

PACE Financing is a program that allows property owners to borrow money in order to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to their property. The loan is then paid back as part of the property tax bill. Follow the above link for more information and to see a list of PACE programs in California, and specifically in Humboldt County.

The most impactful things individuals can do to lessen their environmental footprint:

  1. Walk or bike. Fossil-fuel-burning vehicles are the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in Humboldt County. Bonus: moving your limbs will help you be happier and healthier, and more motivated to lessen your footprint in other ways.
  2. Use transit or carpool. Bonus: you’ll have time to chat with friends or decide you need new friends and then make new friends- it’s a great way to quickly improve your social life.
  3. Buy an electric vehicle. There are several new and used models out there with all-electric or hybrid motors to suit multiple traveling needs. Bonus: people will wonder what’s under your hood, in a good way.
  4. Buy energy-efficient products, such as LED lights and energy-saving appliances. Bonus: Many energy-saving products also come with features that their previous counterparts don’t have, such as choice of light color and brightness, custom temperature settings for different food compartments in your fridge, and timers so that you aren’t heating your spaces when you aren’t using them.
  5. Fuel-switch to heat pump technology when replacing your furnace or hot-water heater. Electric heat pumps are up 400% more efficient than gas heating. Bonus: Some don’t require ducting which is great news for old houses.
  6. Opt-up to 100% renewable energy through RCEA’s RePower+ electricity program. Bonus: support new renewable energy projects in Humboldt County!
  7. Install solar at your home or business if you can. Power from the sun is literally delivered to the earth, every day, at no cost! It just takes some investment to capture it and use it to deliver Netflix to your living room. Bonus: Reducing electricity demand from the grid helps everyone.
  8. Non-energy related bonus tip: Support and volunteer one of the many great environmental non-profits in Humboldt County.

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