Residential Services

Residential Services 

Free Energy Advisor Consultation 

Are you interested in reducing your energy bill? Looking for advice on appliance upgrades? Planning major investments in your home’s comfort and efficiency? Want to learn about electric rate schedule options including 100% renewable energy? Do you have questions about electric vehicle ownership or charging? Call and speak with one of our professional Energy Advisors today. Be sure to ask about income-qualified services, financing options, rebates and tax incentives.

Free Energy Efficiency Kit

Redwood Coast Energy Authority is offering a free Efficiency Kit, valued at up to $75, customized for your home.  Kits may include LED light bulbs, smart power strips, shower heads, weather stripping and more.  Kits are available to Humboldt County RCEA customers who have not received products from RCEA in the last 3 years.  Fill out the application in the link below.

RCEA Residential Kit including various items such as lightbulbs and powerstrips

Take the First Step

Call 707-269-1700 today to learn more about our energy services or return the application below to RCEA to get started.



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Residential Services Application

Download and fill out to get started

Did You Know:

  • Sealing up your home and furnace ductwork can improve your indoor air quality.
  • Extending your rain gutter downspouts away from the house and installing a moisture barrier in the crawlspace under your home will significantly reduce moisture levels inside your home.
  • When air moves through insulation, the effectiveness of the insulation plummets. Make sure to seal up all cracks and openings before insulating to achieve full insulation potential.
  • Air-source heat pump water heaters use as little as 1/3 the energy of electric resistance type water heaters.
  • To avoid mold and mildew, remember to run exhaust fans during and after bathing and cooking until all the condensation clears.
  • Leaks in your furnace ductwork greatly reduce your heating system efficiency. Save on your heating bill by having your ductwork sealed and pressure tested.

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