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PG&E collects payment for RCEA electric service

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In Humboldt County, new electricity customers are automatically enrolled in RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program for their electricity generation service.

PG&E continues to maintain the poles and lines, remedies power outages, and provides a single consolidated bill. The only difference you’ll notice might be a slight decrease in your electricity bill. RCEA’s charge IS NOT an extra charge on your bill, it is for the electricity you use to power your home.

Visit our Service Options page to:

  • Stay with our default electricity service called REpower, which costs slightly less than PG&E.
  • Opt up to our premium service called REpower+, which is 100% renewable energy and costs just $0.01 more per kWh.
  • Opt down to our default service if you had previously opted up to 100% renewable.
  • Opt out of the program and remain a “bundled customer” of PG&E.
  • Opt back in to RCEA’s service if you had previously opted out.

The choice is yours. 

For more information visit these pages:

If you’re currently enrolled in any of PG&E’s various discount programs, such as CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline programs, your coverage automatically continues under Community Choice Energy.

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