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PG&E collects payment for RCEA electric service

In recognition of financial hardships some customers may be facing, and consistent with PG&E’s suspension of power disconnections for not-payment, RCEA will not take action on late payment for electricity services during the current COVID-19 crisis.


If you live in Humboldt County, your electricity generation service was automatically transitioned to RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program in May 2017.

PG&E continues to maintain the poles and lines, remedies power outages, and sends you a single consolidated bill. So the only difference you’ll notice might be a slight decrease in your electricity bill. RCEA’s charge IS NOT an extra charge on your bill, it simply replaces PG&E’s charge for electricity generation.

You have the power to choose with RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program.

Visit our Service Options page to:

  • Stay with our default electricity service called REpower, which costs slightly less than PG&E and contains a slightly higher percentage of renewable energy.
  • Opt up to our premium service called REpower+, which is 100% renewable energy and costs just $0.01 more per kWh.
  • Opt down to our default service if you had previously opted up to 100% renewable.
  • Opt out of the program and remain a “bundled customer” of PG&E.
  • Opt back in to RCEA’s service if you had previously opted out.

The choice is yours. There’s absolutely no fee to opt up, or to opt out.

For more information:

If you’re currently enrolled in any of PG&E’s various discount programs, such as CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline programs, your coverage continues under Community Choice Energy. You don’t have to do a thing.

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