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You can reduce your operating costs and improve the energy efficiency of your business or organization by taking advantage of the comprehensive range of services that RCEA has to offer. We have energy efficiency incentives, rebates, and programs that are good for the grid and great for your bottom line. Sign up for RCEA’s energy services today, including no-cost, no-commitment consultations and assessments with our energy advisors to find out what services you may qualify for.

Of particular interest right now:

  • We have generous, additional HEAT PUMP INCENTIVES available for commercial customers for a limited time. A no-cost assessment is required to access these higher incentives.

  • We offer extensive incentives to reduce the upfront cost of qualifying efficiency projects that are even more generous than what you see in the rebates and other service sections below.

  • RCEA will donate $100 to FOOD FOR PEOPLE for every RCEA customer with a business account that schedules a consultation, on behalf of the business or agency. Details are here.

  • Save even more money by combining RCEA incentives with rebates and tax credits available through the INFLATION REDUCTION ACT. See how much money will you get with the Inflation Reduction Act here.

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The resource sections below feature the most popular programs for RCEA’s commercial customers. For residential customers, check out our Residential Services page. Be sure to also check out all of RCEA’s programs and services via the menu at the top of this page.

Commercial Rebate Catalog


RCEA’s complete 2022 Rebate Catalog for current commercial RCEA electric customers.

Heat Pump Rebates


Heat pumps have the potential to deliver significant savings on your home heating bill because they deliver energy more efficiently than other sources. Heat pumps are actually air conditioners that include a reverse cycle for heating, so they cool homes in summer and heat them in winter. We offer several different types of rebates for both homes and businesses.

Man and woman standing with info banner about EVs and two EVs

Electric Vehicle Rebates


The Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s electric vehicle rebate, funded by RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program, aims to increase the number of electric vehicles in Humboldt county and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This rebate is an additional rebate to the state Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) as a limited time offer. RCEA customers are eligible receive 50% of whatever incentive amount they received from the CVRP.

Battery storage in a garage next to a workshop

Energy Storage Incentives

Statewide incentives for energy storage


Take advantage of rebates available for a limited time for installing energy storage technology such as batteries at homes, businesses, and public facilities. Energy storage can reduce utility bills and keep the lights on during a power outage. Humboldt County Homes and Businesses are eligible for incentives provided by the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

Contractor and Vendor Network


Have you decided that your home or business needs upgrades to become more comfortable and energy-efficient but you don’t know where to start?

RCEA has created a Contractor and Vendor Network as a resource for our customers who are looking for contractors for their installation needs and vendors for their equipment needs related to RCEA program services or referrals made by RCEA.

thumbnails of energy efficiency checklists

Energy Efficiency Checklist

Download and print the RCEA Energy Efficiency Checklist to save energy and cut down on energy costs.

RCEA has provided energy efficiency services to our business community since 2006.  We are committed to supporting your efforts to become more sustainable.

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