RCEA Public Rebate for Residential EV charging equipment

RCEA Public Rebate for Residential EV charging equipment

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Humboldt’s First-Ever Public Rebate for Residential EV Charging Equipment

RCEA launched Humboldt’s first-ever public rebate for residential electric vehicle charging stations today, brought to you by RCEA’s Community Choice Energy Program.

We want to make it as affordable and convenient as possible for folks to own an EV and charge at home.

The rebate amount is up to $500 per customer for charging stations listed on our Approved Products List, not to exceed 50% of the total charging station hardware costs. This rebate is retroactive for up to 3 months—if you installed an approved product within the last 3 months you can apply to receive the rebate.

For more information and to apply for the charger rebate, please go to our EV charging equipment page.

You can find all of RCEA’s rebates, including an electric vehicle rebate, on our Rebates page.

If you have further questions, you can contact ev@redwoodenergy.org or (707) 269-1700.


photo: Juan Cervantes

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