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Learn about proposed changes to Net Energy Metering:

NEM Successor Tariff


A new Proposed Decision was released in early November. The earliest the Proposed Decision could be adopted is December 15th

Here’s a concise four page summary for Net Energy Metering customers:

Here’s the full Proposed Decision

Here’s  a summary of the Proposed Decision, provided by Braun Blaising & Wynne, P.C.:

RCEA’s policy platform dictates that staff formulates regulatory positions internally. We have submitted comments, which you can view HERE.

For more information on the successor tariff, please visit the CPUC’s website.

Net Energy Metering for Business and Government Customers

RCEA is dedicated to supporting customers like you to generate your own renewable energy. As a NEM customer with RCEA you buy energy at lower rates and sell energy back to the grid at higher rates.


New solar customers will be automatically enrolled into the program. When you complete the solar interconnection agreement with PG&E, you will be enrolled with RCEA.


How Does the Program Work?

Net Generator

If you generate more electricity than you use, each month RCEA will credit you at your retail generation rate plus an additional $0.01/kWh bonus. Those surplus credits will be rolled over to the next month for you to use later in the year or cash out in May.


Net Consumer

If you use more electricity than you produce you will be charged for the difference at slightly lower rates than PG&E. See for rate details.


Rate Information

Here is a copy of our Rate Information for NEM Customers (PDF). As a grid-connected customer with solar or other renewable energy systems you can be on any rate schedule you would have been on otherwise.


End of the Year Payout

In May, RCEA will automatically send out a check to all NEM customers with a credit of $100 or more in their credit balance with a cap of $5,000. If your credit exceeds $5,000 the excess will be rolled over to the following bill cycle.

If the credit amount is below $100, those credits will be rolled over to the following billing cycle for you to use later.


Monthly Billing

RCEA’s generation charges are billed monthly. This means that there will not be a large bill at the end of the year like with PG&E . Your delivery charges are still billed through PG&E, and will continue to be billed on a yearly cycle.

“Year-at-a-Glance” RCEA / PG&E bill comparison” for customers that consume more energy than they produce.

Net energy Metering year-at-a-glance bill comparison for RCEA and PG&E
Click on image for a full-sized view

Opt up to 100% renewable energy with REpower Plus!

For a $0.01/kWh premium, upgrading to 100% renewable energy ensures that you are always using 100% renewable energy even if the sun isn’t shining. If you are a net generator you will earn an extra $0.01/kWh for the energy you produce.

PG&E and RCEA rate comparison chart


The following NEM Sample Bill provides an explanation of the RCEA and PG&E charges for NEM customers.

View and/or download the sample bill shown below as a PDF.

NEM How To Read Bill RCEA flyer
NEM how to read bill page 2
NEM how to read bill page 3
NEW how to read bill RCEA page 3

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