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Local businesses and agencies shed light on how they reduced their losses and saved energy at the same time.

Humboldt County businesses are leading the way to achieve economic and energy-reduction goals through reduced, or no-cost LED lighting and other upgrades.

The RCEA has been providing energy services for Humboldt County businesses since 2006. Below are some of our customers’ stories about working with our technicians on lighting upgrades. If you have a story to tell, let us know and we would be happy to include you.

"Saving money is an important part of management decisions but the environmental and ecological desire from Indian people is to preserve the earth and maintain balance of the earth. There’s a real cultural affinity towards the kind of contemporary technology we are using to cut energy costs, a match between the moral values of traditional Indian culture and what we’re able to do with this rebate program." - Greg Gehr, Northern California Indian Development Council Director and Carson Block manager.

"RCEA had a great team, they did the install themselves. Derek organized a crew and they worked with each individual retailer to find the times that they could come in, working around the retailer’s schedule. They were very respectful working around the merchandise and fixtures, there were no issues or breakage - it was very clean, efficient and very professional. That made a big difference having an install done that way." - Greg Gehr

  • Entire Carson block building in Old Town Eureka
  • About 90% of project costs were covered
  • Payback = less than 2 years

Karen Diemer, Arcata City Manager

"The City of Arcata has been fortunate to work with RCEA to retrofit exterior and interior lighting at our buildings, parks and parking lots. In addition to helping the City meet our greenhouse gas reduction goals, the recent exterior lighting upgrades we made at the Community Center, Library and Larson park will save over $8,000 annually. The City is continuing to work with RCEA on other lighting upgrades this coming year."

                                                                                  – Arcata City Manager, Karen Diemer

  • 17 sites in 2019
  • Over 1,800 LED lamps installed
  • 93% of project costs were covered by Energy Watch incentives
  • Estimated savings over $10,000 annually
  • Payback = less than 2 months

Dolores and Becca Blanc are happy customers with their new lighting

"Changing our lighting source has really increased the brightness in our showroom and shop. When the lights are turned on at the start of the workday, they immediately come to the maximum brightness, and the color has much more clarity to it, making our workstations very user-friendly and reducing eye strain throughout the workday. The installers were professional and quick, changing out numerous lamps without interrupting the flow-of-business. Our power cost related to the new lighting has decreased by 59.4% and we no longer are on a ladder changing out fluorescent tubes. The best part of the entire process is that there was no out-of-pocket expense. Thank you RCEA for helping us to see the light and reducing our overall energy cost.”

                                                                                  – Dolores and Becca Blanc

Two Phase project:

  • 110 lamps total
  • Estimated savings = over $1000 annually
  • Qualified for additional incentives making them No-Cost projects

Rob Walkenhauer in front of the Humboldt County Office of Education

“The Humboldt County Office of Ed completed both interior and exterior LED lighting projects at the Myrtle Ave location and Glen Paul School location. Not only has there been an energy cost savings, but there has also been a maintenance savings since I don’t have to have the guys switch out bulbs every month like they have been doing. We also have more space in our shop because I don’t have to keep a supply of bulbs and ballasts around. It’s also safer for my guys because they’re not making as many trips up the ladders.”

                                                                                  -Director of Maintenance and Operations, Rob Walkenhauer

Results from the Myrtle Avenue and Glen Paul School sites:

  • Estimated savings total = over $6,575 annually
  • 23% of the projects were covered by Energy Watch incentives
  • Payback Average =  2.95  years
  • KWh/yr saved = 32,698  total

Aaron Ostrom standing next ti a rack of shirts in Pacific Outfitters

"RCEA called me a couple of times, it took me a while to realize there was no catch. They were offering a free assessment with no obligation. They ended up replacing all my lighting with energy efficient LED bulbs at both my retail locations for free, and the payback for my warehouse took just a few months. It saved us thousands of dollars and cut our lighting bill by a large percentage. This opportunity was a no-brainer.”

Results for all 3 locations:

  • Over 720 LED lamps installed
  • Estimated savings = over $12,500 annually
  • 70% of warehouse project was covered by an Energy Watch Incentive
  • Qualified for additional incentives making the stores a No-Cost project
  • Payback period for warehouse = 6 months

Katie McCreary and coworkers standing inside Eureka Books

"Updating the lighting brought new life to the dark nooks and crannies of the store and made more comfortable reading corners. The change is so impactful, we're often asked if we remodeled! I'm also pretty thrilled that I haven't had to replace any light bulbs or bang on any fixtures since you guys have been here. It seems silly, but lighting this store used to be quite a chore."

  • Over 100 LED lamps installed
  • Estimated savings = over $2,000 annually
  • 21% of the project was covered by Energy Watch incentives
  • Payback period = 1.7 years

Martin Dodd standing in Six Rivers Optical

"Our new LED lighting has not disappointed. Brighter illumination of our frame shop is importatnt - our eye-wear needs quality lighting. Our customers and staff appreciate the upgrade, and even more important, we're using less energy. Thank you RCEA."

  • 40 LED lamps installed
  • Estimated savings = over $500 annually
  • Qualified for additional incentives making the shop a No-Cost project
  • Payback period = 0 years

Lora Collins sitting at diner bar in Ridgetop Cafe

"When we heard about RCEA, we were excited to see what they had to offer! By helping us switch our lighting, they helped us to be not only more cost effective, but help the environment too! As a restaurant that takes pride in serving our community and raising our own cattle, we greatly appreciate everything RCEA is doing for the community as well!”

  • 64 LED lamps installed
  • Estimated savings = over $428 annually
  • Qualified for additional incentives making the cafe a No-Cost project

Kit Mann next to shelf of fabric inside Kokatat

"RCEA helped Kokatat convert all our factory lighting to LED. Even though we were replacing T8 fluorescents, it still reduced our energy consumption significantly, saving us money every day. Not only are we getting a great return on our investment, but we’re also contributing to city and county energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals. And it’s a better quality light to boot! With RCEA offering LED conversion assistance, there’s just no reason not to make the switch now.”

Results from the 3-phase project:

  • Over 800 LED lamps installed
  • Estimated savings = over $7,000 annually
  • 63% of the project was covered by Energy Watch incentives
  • Payback period = 0.9 years

Makhan Purewal standing in Bonomini Market

"When I bought the businesses many years ago my energy bill was too high, I needed to lower it. RCEA has done several different upgrade projects since 2009 in the store and in the laundromat. We’re saving money, everything looks good. They’ve been easy to work with.”

  • 47 LED lamps installed
  • Estimated savings = over $2,380 annually
  • 44% of the project was covered by Energy Watch incentives
  • Payback period = 1.3 years

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