Clean, renewable, and reliable energy that is good for you, our community, and the planet.

Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) administers Humboldt County’s Community Choice Energy program. It is designed by your city councils and county supervisors to offer you lower rates on electricity and to keep the benefits and control right here in the County.

Your Electricity Service

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Manage your electricity costs with a time-of-use rate.

The State of California is transitioning residential customers to Time-of-Use rates where electricity costs are lower most of the day and higher in the evening.

You can use this rate structure to lower your bills and your environmental impact.


RCEA wants to help you make your home and business more energy-efficient, reduce your energy costs, and lower your carbon emissions.

RCEA’s guiding principle is to provide the best possible service and value across all our customer segments. Energy assessments, rebates for energy-efficient equipment, referrals, or even our own direct-install team are just some of the ways our trusted energy advisors can provide the best program offerings for you.

Oona Smith and her free Energy Efficiency Kit
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RCEA has FREE Efficiency Kits, valued at up to $75, customized for your home.  Kits may include LED light bulbs, smart power strips, showerheads, weather stripping, and more. 


Electric vehicles (EVs) are high-performance and fun to drive, but they can also significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

RCEA has resources for current and potential EV drivers, including rebates and incentives, home and public charging information, and details about electric bikes.

Our EV Rebate is funded by RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program. Visit our EV rebate page for details and a short video.

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Power procurement lies at the heart of why Community Choice Energy is a great idea.

Our electricity is currently sourced primarily from wind, solar, and hydropower from California and the Pacific Northwest, plus local biomass. We are collaborating with various other entities to create new sources of energy and long-term contracts that will continue to expand the capacity and stability of our local and state grid.

Rather than being subject to decisions made by regulators in Sacramento and executives at PG&E headquarters in San Francisco, local governments including Humboldt’s can now bring those decisions home.


The Redwood Coast Energy Authority leads and collaborates on many projects that require third-party service providers to participate in a process of public bidding or to provide project expertise or assistance. Current and recent solicitations can be found on our contracting page.

Dolores and Becca Blanc are happy customers with their new lighting


Local businesses and agencies shed light on how they reduced their losses and saved energy at the same time.

Humboldt County businesses are leading the way to achieving economic and energy-reduction goals.

The Community REport

Learn about RCEA’s work and the progress we are making in our special 16-page feature in the North Coast Journal, now online and print. Let us know where we can mail you one.

Woman hold smart phone and use smart home control app to monitoring home parameters.Incentives for energy storage

Take advantage of rebates available for a limited time for installing energy storage technology such as batteries at homes, businesses, and public facilities. Visit Swell Energy to get started or visit  RCEA’s Energy Storage page.

Renewable Energy Coloring Book

We are excited to present Humboldt County and RCEA’s first Renewable Energy Coloring Book! Learn more about our coloring book and how you can get copies here.

Learn more about RCEA’s Community Choice Energy Program in our 2017 launch video (en Español aquí)

For more information on our Net Energy Metering program you can watch this video and visit our NEM page

A message from our executive director, Matthew Marshall – May 1, 2020:


The Redwood Coast Energy Authority develops and implements sustainable energy initiatives that reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency, and advance the use of clean, efficient, and renewable resources.

We are a local government Joint Powers Agency founded in 2003 whose members include the County of Humboldt, the Cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, and Trinidad, and the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District. 

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