GoGreen Financing for Residences

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home by Financing Your Project with GoGreen Home

Interested in upgrading old, inefficient appliances? Looking to save energy and improve the comfort of your home? GoGreen Financing has everything California homeowners and renters need to finance an energy efficiency upgrade. Participating lenders and contractors work with borrowers to finance and install efficient heating and cooling systems, heat pump space and water heaters, ENERGY STAR appliances, insulation, lighting, new windows, cool roofs and more at exceptional rates and terms. To qualify, you must be an RCEA or PG&E customer.

GoGreen Home benefits:

  • 100% financing available—no upfront cash required
  • Below-market interest rates and affordable monthly payments
  • No money down, no closing costs and no lien on your property
  • Broad variety of energy efficiency projects available
  • Up to 30% of loan may be used for non-energy improvements (landscaping, remodeling, etc.)
  • Can be combined with utility rebates and incentives to reduce project costs

Save even more by layering GoGreen Home with RCEA incentives!

To learn more about GoGreen Home and start your project today, please visit GoGreenFinancing.com

The extensive list of measures eligible for GoGreen Financing is here.

See how GoGreen Home helped make the Gill Family’s energy efficiency project possible.

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