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Opt up to the 100% renewable REpower+ rate.

If you’re ready to step up to 100% renewable energy and help Humboldt County be a leader in greenhouse gas reduction, you can opt up to our REpower+ service today. With REpower+, all of the power you purchase will be generated from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, and local biomass. REpower+ costs $0.01 more per kWh compared to our standard REpower energy mix. For an average residential household that uses 500 kWh per month, the added monthly cost is only $5.00 to have 100% renewable electricity.

Just complete the form below to be upgraded to 100% renewable power, or call us at 1 800-931-7232 to access an automated phone system to opt-up, or speak with a representative.

Opting Out

Opt out of Community Choice Energy and return to PG&E Service.

If you wish to opt out of RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program, you can fill out the form below to return to bundled PG&E service, or call us at 1 800-931-7232 to access an automated phone system to opt-out, or speak with a representative.

But remember—with Community Choice, you’re still getting PG&E’s transmission and distribution service, which means PG&E continues to read your meter, bill you, and maintain the power lines. The only difference is that the electricity generation is being provided by RCEA—it costs less, is more local, with increased revenues staying in Humboldt County. If you have questions, check our FAQ page or call us at 1 800-931-7232 for additional information.

If you have opted out of Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s CCE Program and you still see us on your bill, your meter may have been read before your opt out was processed.  You should see the changes on your following bill.

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