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Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is pleased to continue offering an alternative to PG&E’s Peak Day Pricing program with a new alert system.

Peak Day Pricing is an optional ‘demand response’ program currently offered by PG&E that provides a discount on regular power rates May 1 through October 31 in return for a much higher rate between 2 pm and 6 pm on up to 15 ‘Peak Days’ a year – typically hot days when the demand on the electricity grid is high. Depending on the amount of energy customers use during peak event hours, they may or may not earn a net discount for the year.

Unfortunately, RCEA is not able to offer Peak Day Pricing to its participating customers. Recognizing that for some customers Peak Day Pricing discounts may be significant, we are continuing to offer bill credits for the amount that non-residential customers who choose to participate in Community Choice Energy would have had with PG&E. This credit will be calculated for each individual customer after the Peak Day Pricing season ends in the fall based on the proceeding summer’s energy usage and applied to following bills. If our calculation indicates that Peak Day Pricing did not result in a net savings relative to RCEA rates, no credit will be applied.

In addition to bill credits, this year RCEA is offering Peak Day Event alerts. RCEA will send an alert warning of a Peak Day Event one day in advance, so customers have enough time to shift their electricity load. They may choose to receive these alerts as emails or text messages.

Credits will be applied in the winter to the accounts of customers who would have done better on Peak Day Pricing. The credit will be applied to both the RCEA and PG&E portion of the electricity bill.


Please check back soon for details on RCEA’s Peak Day Pricing Program for 2021.



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