RCEA Commercial Rebate Catalog

Energy Efficient Upgrades Pay Off

Increasing the energy efficiency of your business saves energy, money, and helps create a more sustainable future for Humboldt County and the world. RCEA offers rebates to businesses to help offset the cost of upgrading old, inefficient equipment. If you don’t see rebates you are looking for or you have already started doing upgrades, you should contact us because you may still quality for rebates.

In addition to rebates listed in this Rebate Catalog, RCEA also offers up-front incentives and project management support for commercial lighting, refrigeration and HVAC upgrades. Contact one of our Energy Advisors to learn more:

Rebates are subject to change at any time. There may also be rebates available that are not listed. Please call us so we can assist you.

The rebate amounts listed below are for current RCEA electric customers. If you are not an RCEA customer or you are installing equipment other than what is listed below, please speak with an RCEA Energy Advisor to learn about other potential rebates.

Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible

An existing unit is not required except for Fuel Substitution Equipment rebates.

Lighting: For lighting replacements or retrofits please contact an RCEA representative for available lighting rebates and incentives.

RCEA Commercial Rebate Catalog – 2022

Unless otherwise stated, rebates are available without requiring replacement of existing equipment, such as for new construction or expansion.

How to Apply

Terms and Conditions for Rebates 

Eligibility Criteria

Review the eligibility criteria for the equipment you intend to purchase. Any equipment installed in the last six months that meets eligibility criteria may qualify for a rebate.

Equipment Rebate Application

Supplemental Questionnaire– Replacement of Natural Gas Units

Application Process

  • Please submit it via email to rebates@redwoodenergy.org or to 633 3rd Street, Eureka, CA 95501.
  • The application instructions will ask you to attach a copy of your paid invoice/receipt listing the equipment purchased, quantities, cost, and date.
  • Questions and clarifications can be submitted via email to rebates@redwoodenergy.org
  • Once your application is approved you will receive a confirmation email, along with confirmation of the total rebate amount.
  • Rebate payments will be made by check and will be issued within 30 business days following application approval.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Upgrade Your HVAC for Comfort, Lower Costs, and Cleaner Energy

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) consumes approximately 40% of a building’s electricity. In fact, it’s one of the most significant factors in the operating expenses of a business, but you can save big with energy-efficient upgrades. You’ll also be creating a more comfortable, pleasant, and productive work environment for your employees to do what they do best.

Hot Water – Heat Pumps

Energy-efficient heat pump water heaters can help commercial customers and multifamily buildings save energy and save money over the lifetime of the system.

Food Service

Upgrade your commercial kitchen to save energy and achieve peak performance.



Ice Machines


  • ENERGY STAR Certified: www.energystar.gov
  • The entire AHRI – tested ice-making system must be purchased
  • Remote machines must be purchased with qualifying remote condenser or remote condenser/compressor unit
  • Water-cooled ice machines are not eligible

Food Holding Cabinets


  • Must be listed on the Food Service Technology Center qualified product list (https://caenergywise.com/instant-rebates/qpl/)
  • Must be a fully insulated electric hot food holding cabinet with solid or transparent doors designed to maintain the temperature of hot food that has been cooked using a separate appliance
  • Passive holding cabinets with no heating elements are not eligible

Other Food Service

Conveyor Toaster


  • High performance conveyor toaster with an energy per sandwich less than or equal to 3.75 Watt/bun

Electric Steamer


Commercial Fryer or Griddle


Combination Oven


  • Equipment requirements not listed here
  • Speak with an RCEA Representative before purchasing

Electric Deck Oven


  • Have a heavy load cooking energy efficiency of 60% or greater
  • Have an idle energy rate of 1.3 kW or less
  • Be on the Food Service Technology Center pre-approved list, found at the website: https://caenergywise.com/rebates/

Convection Oven

  • Requirements:
    • California Energy Commission certified or ENERGY STAR certified commercial equipment: energystar.gov

Equipment Fuel Substitution

Rebates in this section will require a supplemental questionnaire found here: In English and En Español 

In certain circumstances, existing equipment is not required– contact an RCEA Representative

Convection Oven, Full Size Fuel Substitution


  • Replacing natural gas cooking equipment
  • California Energy Commission certified or ENERGY STAR certified commercial Equipment: energystar.gov

Fryer, Fuel Substitution


  • Replacing natural gas cooking equipment
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified: energystar.gov


The rebates will help offset the cost of upgrading inefficient equipment.

Refrigerators and Freezers


  • Must be ENERGY STAR qualified: www.energystar.gov
  • Units with remote refrigeration systems do not qualify

Tips for replacing your refrigerator

Purchase an appropriately sized refrigerator. Generally, the larger the refrigerator, the greater the energy consumption.

Consider buying a refrigerator with fewer doors. Fewer doors reduce the air leakage. To maximize your savings, minimize the number of doors and pay attention to cool air you can feel when you shut the doors. Make sure the seals around the doors are airtight. If they are not, replace them.

Consider what type of refrigerant different models use. Some refrigerants are better than others when it comes to Global Warming Potential (i.e., the degree to which they contribute to global warming when released into the air). R-600a and R-441a are low GWP refrigerants. While information on refrigerant type is somewhat limited for older models, many new models provide the refrigerant type. Available information on ENERGY STAR certified consumer refrigeration product models is compiled here.

Consider replacing your older refrigerators. Refrigerators over 15 years old could be costing you more than $80 per year to run. Replace old units with new ENERGY STAR certified models. On average, an old refrigerator uses about 35% more energy than a model that has earned the ENERGY STAR.

Recycle your old refrigerator. If you buy a new refrigerator, be sure your old one is properly disposed of. Many appliance retailers will pick up and recycle what they safely can of your old refrigerator when you purchase a new one.

Questions and clarifications can be submitted via email to rebates@redwoodenergy.org or by phone to 707.269.1700.

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