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Rebates for Businesses

Rebate offerings are dependent on available funding. Amounts and offerings may change at any time. Rebate amount is determined by the values listed on the RCEA webpage on the date a complete rebate reservation form is received (optional) or a complete application and all supplemental documents are received.  (Updated July 1, 2023)

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Energy Efficient Upgrades Pay Off

Increasing the energy efficiency of your business saves energy, money, and helps create a more sustainable future for Humboldt County and the world. RCEA offers rebates to businesses to help offset the cost of upgrading old, inefficient equipment. If you don’t see rebates you are looking for or you have already started doing upgrades, you should contact us because you may still quality for rebates.

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  • Rebates are first-come, first-served while funding lasts.
  • Rebates are subject to change at any time.
  • The rebate amounts listed below are for current RCEA electric customers.
  • Rebate awards are determined by the rebate amount listed below on the date your complete application and supplemental questionnaire with verification (when required) are received.  
  • Used or rebuilt equipment is not eligible.
  • Replacement of an existing unit is not required except for Equipment Electrification rebates.
  • You have the option to reserve your Equipment Rebate for 30 days by submitting the Equipment Rebate Reservation Form. Rebate reservations will honor the rebate award listed on the date of your reservation is made.
  • If you are not an RCEA customer or you are installing equipment other than what is listed below, please speak with an RCEA Energy Advisor to learn about other potential rebates.


RCEA Commercial Rebate Catalog – 2023

Unless otherwise stated, rebates are available without requiring replacement of existing equipment, such as for new construction or expansion.

How to Apply

Terms and Conditions for Rebates 

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure rebate eligibility, review the eligibility criteria listed below for equipment before purchase. For questions about equipment eligibility, contact RCEA at or 707-269-1700.

Optional Equipment Rebate Reservation

Electrification Supplemental Questionnaire– Required for Equipment Electrification Rebates

Equipment Rebate Application Process

  1. Complete, sign, and submit the Equipment Rebate Application through our website.

  2. Please upload a photo or scanned copy of your paid invoice/receipt listing the equipment purchased, quantities, cost, and date with your application submission.
  3. If you are replacing a natural gas or propane unit you must also fill out the Electrification Supplemental Questionnaire, save it to your computer, and upload it with your application.
  4. If you have questions or need clarification, please email
  5. You will receive email confirmation that your submission was received within 3 business days. You will be notified of any missing information or documentation required to complete your submission.
  6. Once your application is approved you will receive a confirmation email along with confirmation of the total rebate amount.
  7. Rebate payments will be made by check and will be issued within 30 business days following application approval.

Alternative submission options

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Equipment Electrification

Rebates in this section will require submission of the Electrification Supplemental Questionnaire.

Convection Oven, Fuel Electrification


  • Replacing natural gas cooking equipment
  • California Energy Commission certified or ENERGY STAR certified commercial Equipment:
Description Rebate Rebate Code
Convection Oven, Electric, Half Size $ 500 FS022A
Convection Oven, Electric, Full Size $1000 FS022B

Fryer, Electrification


Description Rebate Rebate Code
Fryer, Electrification $4,000 FS021A

Food Service

Upgrade your commercial kitchen to save energy and achieve peak performance.


General Requirements

Description Max Water Consumption (gal/rack) Max Idle Energy Rate (kW) Rebate Rebate Code
Door Type, Energy Star Tier 2, High-Temperature 0.76 0.55 $5,000 FS002A
Door Type, Energy Star Tier 2, Low-Temperature Chemical Sanitizing 1.00 0.30 $1,700 FS002B
Door Type, Energy Star Tier 1, High-Temperature 0.89 0.55 $1,000 FS002C
Door Type, Energy Star Tier 1, Low-Temperature Chemical Sanitizing 1.18 0.3 $250 FS002D
Undercounter, Energy Star Tier 1, High-Temperature 0.86 0.3 $1,300 FS018A
Undercounter, Energy Star Tier 1, Low-Temp Chemical Sanitizing 1.19 0.25 $1,000 FS018C
Undercounter, Energy Star Tier 2, High-Temp Chemical Sanitizing 0.73 0.3 $1,100 FS018B
Undercounter, Energy Star Tier 2, Low-Temp Chemical Sanitizing 1.01 0.25 $800 FS018D

Ice Machines

General Requirements:

  • ENERGY STAR certified:
    • The entire AHRI-tested ice-making system must be purchased
  • Remote machines must be purchased with qualifying remote condenser or remote condenser/compressor unit
  • Water-cooled ice machines are not eligible
Description Description Size (lbs/day) Rebate Rebate Code
Batch or Continuous Type Self-Contained < 110 $ 150 FS006A
110 – 119 $ 200 FS006B
≥ 200 $ 250 FS006C
Ice Maker Head < 300 $ 200 FS006D
300 – 799 $ 300 FS006E
800 – 1,499 $ 450 FS006F
≥ 1,500 $ 550 FS006G
Remote Condensing Unit < 988 $ 400 FS006H
≥ 988 $ 550 FS006I


Refrigerators and Freezers

General Requirements:

  • Must be ENERGY STAR certified:
  • Units with remote refrigeration systems do not qualify
Description Size Rebate Rebate Code
Reach-in Freezer, Glass Door < 15 Cubic Feet $ 70 CR018I
15 – 29 Cubic Feet $ 150 CR018J
30 – 49 Cubic Feet $ 350 CR018K
> 50 Cubic Feet $ 600 CR018L
Reach-in Freezer, Solid Door < 15 Cubic Feet $ 100 CR018M
15 – 29 Cubic Feet $ 450 CR018N
30 – 49 Cubic Feet $ 600 CR018O
> 50 Cubic Feet $ 750 CR018P
Reach-in Refrigerator, Glass Door <15 Cubic Feet $ 40 CR018A
15 – 29 Cubic Feet $ 250 CR018B
30 – 49 Cubic Feet $ 500 CR018C
> 50 Cubic Feet $ 850 CR018D
Reach-in Refrigerator, Solid Door <15 Cubic Feet $ 200 CR018E
15 – 29 Cubic Feet $ 250 CR018F
30 – 49 Cubic Feet $ 300 CR018G
> 50 Cubic Feet $ 400 CR018H

Efficient Agricultural Ventilation Fan

Efficient Agricultural Ventilation Fan

General Requirements:

  • High performance conveyor toaster with an energy per sandwich less than or equal to 3.75 Watt/bun
  • Fan must have been tested by Bioenvironmental and Structural Systems Laboratory (BESS Lab) ventilation fan testing facility at the University of Illinois:
  • Must meet the minimum allowable cfm/W in the table below
Description Size Min CFM/W Rebate Rebate Code
Efficient Ag Ventilation fan 24-26 inch 14 $ 250 PR001A
36 inch 20.4 $ 150 PR001B
48 inch 21.9 $ 50 PR001C

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Upgrade Your HVAC for Comfort, Lower Costs, and Cleaner Energy

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) consumes approximately 40% of a building’s electricity. In fact, it’s one of the most significant factors in the operating expenses of a business, but you can save big with energy-efficient upgrades. You’ll also be creating a more comfortable, pleasant, and productive work environment for your employees to do what they do best.

Hot Water – Heat Pumps

Energy-efficient heat pump water heaters can help commercial customers and multifamily buildings save energy and save money over the lifetime of the system.

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