City of Arcata Now Runs on 100% Renewable Source Electricity

City of Arcata Now Runs on 100% Renewable Source Electricity

As of August 2017, 100 percent of the electricity used by Arcata’s municipal government is generated from renewable sources. The City of Arcata opted up to the Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s REpower+ service last month. Now all City facilities and operations requiring electricity are running on renewable energy.

Opting up to REpower+ helps meet goals set by the Arcata City Council over a decade ago to reduce the City’s greenhouse gas emissions. REpower+ customers use more locally-sourced energy that supports local job development and renewable power infrastructure development, thus diversifying the region’s economy and building energy resiliency.

In May, all Humboldt County businesses, with the exception of Ferndale businesses, were automatically transitioned to RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program. Through the program’s basic REpower option a portion of the electricity purchased comes from renewable sources at lower rates than PG&E’s conventional power program. For 1 cent per kilowatt hour more, businesses focused on reducing carbon emissions could opt up to REpower+ service where all of the power purchased is generated from renewable, secure sources, such as wind, solar, and local biomass.

“Whether you are a resident or small business, you have the power to make a make a difference in addressing climate change by opting up to 100% renewable energy sources now,” says Mark Andre, Arcata Environmental Services Director. “By opting up to 100 percent renewable energy sources, all of your electricity needs will be powered by clean energy sources. No gas. No oil. No coal. No nuclear. No fossil fuels.”

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