Net Energy Metering

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Net Energy Metering for Business and Government Customers

As a Net Energy Metering customer you’ll save money when you need power and make money when you have power to sell back to the grid. You won’t have to do anything to get started. The rate RCEA pays for your surplus energy will be higher than that paid by PG&E.

NEM Enrollment

Enrollment is automatic for previously enrolled, “grandfathered-in” customers.

Automatic enrollments are on a quarterly basis depending on customer annual true up date.

Annual True Update with enrollment dates:

  • May, June, July | July
  • August, September, October |  October
  • November, December, January | January

New solar customers will be automatically enrolled into the program.

Net Generator

Customers who generate more electricity than what they consume will receive credits from PG&E and an additional bonus of $0.01/kWh from the RCEA.

Net Consumer

Customers who use more electricity than what they produce will be charged for their electricity at slightly lower rates than PG&E. See for rate details.

Rate Information

See our Rate Information (PDF) for grid-connected customers with solar or other renewable energy systems.

Annual True Up

Customers’ annual true up will only be associated with PG&E electric delivery charges. If the credit balance is $100 or greater, the RCEA will send a physical check in the month of May for the full credit balance once we receive a request. If the credit amount is below $100, those credits are rolled over to the following billing cycle.

Monthly Billing

Generation charges associated with the RCEA are paid on a monthly basis.

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