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Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is a local government Joint Powers Agency (PDF) founded in 2003 whose members include the County of Humboldt, the Cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna, Rio Dell, and Trinidad, and the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District. We develop and implement sustainable energy initiatives that reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency, and advance the use of clean, efficient and renewable resources.

Thank you for working with us on this important mission. We have organized the information below to help orient you to our agency’s work and structure. If you have any questions, please contact Executive Director Matthew Marshall, who will be happy to provide more information.

Board and CAC Member Resources

Please visit the Key Documents webpage for RCEA policies.

Links to external policies and procedures followed:

What is RCEA’s Mission?

RePower Humboldt – RCEA’s Strategic Plan (Intro video – 01:58)

Regional Energy Planning & Coordination (video – 4:19)

Low-Carbon Transportation (video – 5:48)

Integrated Demand Side Management/Customer Energy Solutions (video – 12:02)

Energy Generation & Utility Services (video – 11:06)

RCEA’s Community Choice Energy Timeline (under construction)

What is Community Choice Aggregation and what impact is it making?  (CalCCA webpage)

How were CCAs formed in California? (CalCCA video – 12:19)

How do CCAs purchase power? (CalCCA PDF)

How does RCEA purchase power?

RCEA is NOT a duplicate charge on your bill. (San Jose Clean Energy video – 0:54)

Where do my electrons come from? (Marin Clean Energy webpage)

WTH is the PCIA? (San Jose Clean Energy video – 1:40)

Many more FAQs answered

Who is CalCCA? — RCEA is a member of CalCCA, a trade and advocacy organization of community choice energy providers. CalCCA’s mission is to create a legislative and regulatory environment that supports the development and long-term sustainability of locally-run Community Choice Aggregation electricity providers to protect energy choice in California.

Managing Energy Risks (under construction)

The 2023 Budget Brief

2023 Board Meeting Calendar

2023 CAC Meeting Calendar

CAISO 101 Staff Online “Brown Bag”— Power Resources Director Richard Engel and Senior Manager Jocelyn Gwynn explain how the California Independent System Operator manages ~80% of the state’s electric grid (with no less than eight monitors per Control Center desk!) and their important role in the larger Western Interconnection.

RCEA Rate Change One-Pager – Background information on rates and the last rate changes in 2021.

Biomass Analysis & Discussion at the March 25, 2021, RCEA Board of Directors meeting.

Glossary of Terms:

See RCEA’s Key Documents page for additional information

See RCEA’s Key Documents page for additional information


RCEA offers energy services on both sides of the electric meter and is actively engaged in advanced fuel initiatives in transportation.

Community Choice Energy


Local leaders standing in front of a solar array at the Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid
Local leaders visit the Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid

RCEA’s Community Choice Energy program was created by the County’s Board of Supervisors, city councils and the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District to offer residents lower electricity rates and local control of our energy resources.

Demand Side Management


photo of attendees to RCEA's contractor and vendor open house
Attendees at RCEA’s 2023 Contractor and Vendor Open House

RCEA’s efficiency services include:

NON-RESIDENTIAL   No-cost and no-obligation energy assessments, no-cost and reduced cost LED lighting upgrades, project management support, assistance with 0% on-bill financing, electric rate analysis,  and detailed project reports including cost estimates, available incentives and financial impacts.

RESIDENTIAL  Free Energy Advisor Consultations, Free Energy Efficiency Kits, and Home Performance Assessment Services.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT   Solar site assessments, technical assistance, energy management support, no-cost greenhouse gas inventories, and energy action planning.

The 2016-18 Redwood Coast Energy Watch contract, valued at $4.6 million, provided Humboldt County Small and Medium Businesses, local governments, residents and hard-to-reach market sectors with energy efficiency implementation and planning services. Services were designed to provide immediate and long term energy savings.

The California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39) provided funding for medium term energy management services and cost-effective energy projects that reduced use and utility costs. RCEA’s services have ranged from coordinating comprehensive energy assessment with a variety of stakeholders, to implementation and final reporting to the California Energy Commission. Proposition 39 has led to the installation of solar, heat pumps, efficient lighting, HVAC, windows, and building automation control systems all while supporting and  building local capacity to implement energy saving projects while managing energy and utility costs.

Advanced Fuels and Transportation


RCEA’s Advanced Fuels and Transportation Program’s goal is to support the use of advanced fuel vehicles in Humboldt County. RCEA owns and operates a network of 14 public level 2 charging stations that can charge up to 29 vehicles simultaneously.

The program has served as a liaison for several fast charger developers and assisted with the installation of Humboldt County’s first two fast chargers. RCEA promotes these stations, encourages customers to electrify their transportation, and actively leads and participates in regional clean transportation planning processes.

The department serves as a North Coast regional ombudsman to educate and guide our customers through the electric vehicle and charging station purchasing process. Battery electric vehicle market acceleration efforts are complemented by fuel cell electric vehicle infrastructure planning throughout the North Coast and Upstate region.

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