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Ferndale’s Tracy Coppini and granddaughter, Laurelin Coppini.

Agricultural Rate Transition

In March 2022, PG&E will be transitioning certain Agricultural (AG) accounts to a new Time-of-Use (TOU) rate plan as part of a requirement of the California Public Utilities Commission. These changes are happening because the growth of renewable energy on the grid has shifted peak demand times from afternoon to evenings.

The new TOU rate has Peak Day Pricing from 5:00 pm-8:00 pm every day. To save money, you will want to use the majority of your energy prior to 5:00 pm and/or after 8:00 pm.  Time-of-Use rate plans are an important part of California’s clean energy future. By participating in a Time-of-Use rate plan, you are making better use of cleaner energy resources which are more plentiful during off-peak hours, as well as taking advantage of lower electricity prices.

High Impact AG Webinar

PG&E hosted webinar for high impact Ag customers. The webinar explains what the new TOU rate means for your AG business.


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