Power Mix

Power Mix

Our electricity is currently sourced primarily from wind, solar, and hydro power from California and the Pacific Northwest, plus local biomass.

We are committed to providing power that is at least 5% higher renewable energy than PG&E, and 5% lower greenhouse emissions at competitive rates per the launch-period guidelines adopted by our Board in 2016.

RCEA’s default service is REpower, with a minimum goal of a 40% renewable power mix. Customers who want to invest in a higher renewable content can opt up to REpower+, which provides 100% renewable energy service for their home or business.

RCEA’s 2018 Power Source Disclosure is subject to review and approval by the California Energy Commission and verification by a third party auditor.

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REpower plus logo, 100% renewable electricity

This power content label is produced and sent to customers annually in compliance with the California Energy Commission’s Power Source Disclosure Program

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