Customer Confidentiality Policy


Notice of Accessing, Collecting, Storing, Using, and Disclosing Energy Usage Information

Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), its employees, agents, contractors, and affiliates will
maintain the confidentiality of individual customers’ names, service addresses, billing addresses,
telephone numbers, account numbers, and electricity consumption data except where reasonably
necessary to conduct RCEA’s business or to provide services to customers as required by the
California Public Utilities Commission. Examples of reasonably necessary business purposes
include but are not limited to when such disclosure is necessary to: (a) comply with laws,
regulations or a court order; (b) enable RCEA to provide service to its customers; (c) collect
unpaid bills; (d) obtain and provide credit reporting information; (e) resolve customer disputes or
inquires; (f) communicate information regarding demand response, energy efficiency, energy
management, and conservation programs; or (g) in situations of imminent threat to life or
property. RCEA will not disclose customer information for purposes of telemarketing, e-mail, or
direct mail solicitations.

Aggregate data that cannot be traced to specific customers may be utilized or released at RCEA’s
discretion. RCEA will handle customer energy usage information in a manner that is fully
compliant with the California Public Utility Commission’s required privacy protections for
customers of Community Choice Aggregators defined in Decision 12-08-045.

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