The Redwood Coast Energy Authority partners with local government to develop and deliver energy-related initiatives for a sustainable Humboldt County and surrounding region. Our funding is primarily through state and federal programs, along with fee-for-service contracts. The Redwood Coast Energy Authority also develops public-private partnerships to broaden access to funding opportunities and technical expertise.  

Energy Efficiency

We work with local governments to identify and address energy efficiency opportunities in their buildings and public facilities, including office space, maintenance and storage facilities, water and wastewater, public assembly, transportation hubs, and exterior and roadway lighting. See Energy Efficiency to learn more.


Renewable Energy
Our agency develops and implements programs to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote sustainable use of our extensive natural resources for local energy production. Visit Renewable Energy for information on current programs.


Transportation accounts for roughly half of the energy consumption in our region. Our agency works on initiatives to reduce total vehicle miles travelled, improve the efficiency of our motorized vehicles, and expand non-motorized transportation options. See Transportation to learn more.


Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Following California mandates to address climate change and tackle greenhouse gas emissions, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority helps government agencies to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, create climate action plans, and carry plans into action. Learn about past projects and ongoing efforts on the Climate Action Planning page.