Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a program that authorizes a local government to provide up-front funding to eligible property owners to finance the installation of energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation improvements and renewable energy systems on their property.
PACE can pay for new heating and cooling systems, lighting improvements, solar panels, water pumps, insulation, and more for almost any property- residential, commercial, industrial, non-profit, and agricultural. The programs are 100% voluntary. Property owners repay the local government’s funding by agreeing to an assessment levied against their property, which is payable on their property tax bill.

PACE in Our Community

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority is working with local jurisdictions to make PACE financing available as an option in our community. There are numerous PACE programs that are available for local governments to opt into for their communities through statewide joint powers agencies. Some of these include:

A comparison of most available PACE programs can be found at the Association of Bay Area Governments’ PACE Program Comparison Matrix

Participating Jurisdictions*


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