EV Readiness Planning

The Redwood Coast Energy Authority and project partners recently wrapped up electric vehicle readiness planning. This first phase of the North Coast Plug-in Electric Vehicle Project focused on creating a coordinated effort throughout the Humboldt Bay region and greater North Coast to support and plan for the rollout of plug-in electric vehicles.

The commercial introduction of PEVs into California and throughout the country is quickly gaining momentum.  The Humboldt Bay region has been anticipating the rapid adoption of PEVs and is poised to become a model of successful PEV market development for other rural communities.  However there are a variety of unique challenges to increaing the number of PEVs in Humboldt County.  PEV readiness planning included the detailed research, analysis, planning, and policy work needed to identify these challenges and provide a path for the community to tackle them.

In partnership with Humboldt State University's Schatz Energy Research Center, GHD and Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the North Coast Plug-in Electric Vehicle Project's readiness planning kicked-off support for the successful introduction of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) and the development of a strong PEV market on the North Coast. 

Project Goals

Specific project goals included:
  • Identifying optimal locations for charging infrastructure at sites including public parking areas, commercial properties, highway corridors and workplaces.
  • Determining investment requirements to meet the local community’s needs as PEV adoption increases.
  • Utilizing planning data and studies, as well as locally-customized projections of PEV adoption, to support phased development of charging infrastructure.
  • Facilitating PEV adoption in private and public fleets.
  • Estimating energy-cost savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions from regional PEV use.
  • Sharing lessons-learned and best practices with other regions for PEV infrastructure permitting, installation, deployment, maintenance and inspection.
  • Providing education and outreach to the community on the benefits of PEVs.

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council

The Project was facilitated through a regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle Coordinating Council (PEVCC).  The PEVCC is made up of a diverse group of local stakeholders including City and County governments and local government Joint Powers Authorities, along with utility, educational, technical, and business partners.  The mission statement of the PEVCC is:

The members of the North Coast PEVCC will work together to promote and accelerate the acceptance and use of PEV technology as a key strategy for cost-effectively utilizing the full potential of our region’s abundant renewable energy resources to meet our community’s transportation energy needs.

The PEVCC is coordinated by the Redwood Coast Energy Authority and will be used to maintain clear and consistent communication amongst all local stakeholders and establish a permanent framework for ongoing regional PEV promotional efforts, including implementation of a readiness plan and strategies.

PEVCC Meeting Minutes

       •  July 2012 
       •  February 2013 
       •  October 2013

PEV Resources

Commercially Available Electric Vehicles
Compare and watch videos of commercially available electric vehicles at fueleconomy.gov 

Local Utility Rate and Charging Information
Learn about plug-in electric vehicle charging options at your home or business within the Pacific Gas and Electric Company service area at pge.com/electricvehicles/. 

Alternative Fuels Data Center
Information  from the Department of Energy about alternative fuels, locations of alternative fueling stations, and Federal and State alternative fuels laws and incentives at afdc.energy.gov/fuels/

Electric Vehicle Safety Information
Access online electric vehicle emergency response safety training and print resources from the National Fire Protection Association at evsafetytraining.org. 

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers
plug-in electric vehicle guide for fleet managers from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program.  The handbook covers maintenance, safety and emissions information on plug-in electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, benefits, purchasing considerations, and more.

Electric Vehicle Charger Selection Guide
A selection guide for those looking to install electric vehicle charging equipment.