Program Summary

Community choice energy (CCE) allows California cities, counties, or joint powers agencies to purchase electricity on behalf of the customers in their territories.

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Community choice programs, also known as community choice aggregation programs, differ from municipal utility districts in that CCEs only provide the generation component of electricity services, which accounts for around half of a customer’s electricity bill. The investor-owned utility (IOU), in our case Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), continues to own the electricity distribution infrastructure and to provide electricity transmission, distribution, billing, and related customer services. However, community choice programs are able to determine their own energy supply mixes and rate structures. Community choice is relatively new in California, with four programs currently providing service to customers. However, dozens of cities and counties across the state are launching or exploring creation of their own community choice programs.

RCEA will implement the Humboldt County Community Choice Energy program guided by three core priorities established by the RCEA Board of Directors and aligned with the RePower Humboldt Strategic Plan: maximizing the use of local renewable resources, providing competitive rates, and supporting local economic development. 

RCEA is working to implement the community choice program with a team of consultants selected through an open, competitive solicitation. The consulting team brings needed expertise and experience from working with the successful CCEs already operating elsewhere in the state. RCEA staff have formed our own in-house CCE team and are building local program management capacity. Our eventual goal is to take over many of the responsibilities being led by our consulting team during program launch.