CCE Background

The CCE program has been years in the making. Learn more about the research and community engagement that led to our CCE launch.

In 2012 RCEA adopted the Humboldt County comprehensive action plan for energy (CAPE), which is RCEA’s primary guiding document. Expanding on the strategies outlined in the CAPE, RCEA initiated RePower Humboldt, a community-wide effort to define a vision and strategic plan for achieving energy independence and energy security in Humboldt County. With the support of the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University, the California Energy Commission, and many community stakeholders, this effort culminated in the development of the RePower Humboldt Strategic Plan to establish a vision for the year 2030 and guide the integration of renewable energy in Humboldt County, develop local energy infrastructure, and set energy-related goals.

RCEA has identified community choice energy as a critical mechanism to enable the implementation of the RePower Humboldt Strategic Plan and to realize the RePower Humboldt 2030 vision and the associated community benefits. To that end, RCEA’s board has directed staff to move forward with pursuing the implementation of a local community choice program.