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Redwood Coast Energy Authority receives state approval
January 6, 2017, Times Standard
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  Local energy program advances
October 11, 2016, Mad River Union
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Community Choice Energy Interview with Pat Higgins
September 5, 2016, KMUD Radio
Scroll down to “Monday Morning Magazine part 2,”
dated Monday, September 5. Click “Play” and
advance to 34:00

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Redwood Community Energy plan could keep millions in Humboldt County

July 28, 2016, Times Standard
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RCEA aids access to energy efficiency programs
March 16, 2016, News Channel 3

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  Symposium on clean energy coalition held in Eureka
February 25, 2016, North Coast News
Two electric car chargers installed in Trinidad
November 17, 2015, North Coast News

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  Electric vehicle charging station coming to Rio Dell
October 19, 2015, News Channel 3
Rio Dell newspiece Oct15

Supervisors discuss alternative energy provider options
May 26, 2015, News Channel 3
         Electric car charging station in the works at Blue Lake City Hall
March 23, 2015, News Channel 3

Nine new electric vehicle charging stations coming to the North Coast 
March 16, 2015, News Channel 3

            Powering up for alternative energy options
February 26, 2015, Times-Standard
Blue Lake Rancheria's innovative power program in the spotlight 
January 8, 2015, Times-Standard

News Archive - 2014

Times Standard - October 31,2014: Weathering 
the storm: Local adaptation for climate change
Oct2014 news article
          Mad River Union - May 14, 2014: Statewide Climate Response Program Coming to the North Coast 
KHSU Homepage - April, 2014: Interview with Ben Winker and Katie Koscielak about Earth Day events

KMUD: Re-opening of the Eel River Power Plant with an interview with Matthew Marshall, Executive Director (click to listen)

KHSU Homepage: RCEA Executive director Matthew Marshall (click to listen)

Times Standard - April 5, 2014: RCEA Best Practices

 Times Standard: RCEA and PG&E distribute Kilawatt Meters to Humboldt County library
   Redwood Coast Energy Authority Staff working the phones at the KHSU pledge drive: